Succession Planning

Succession Planning - How to avoid the plot lines from HBO’s TV drama series.

I was captivated this summer while binge watching HBO’s hit series featuring the Roys, Kendall, Roman and Shiv, as they battled it out for control of the family company. As an HR professional, there were so many cringe worthy scenes as the patriarch pitted his kids against each other, and I was glued to my couch.

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Leadership support

Leadership 101 - Supporting your people managers on their leadership journey

So, someone in your company is fabulous at their craft - be it software development, assembly work, marketing, accounting - then, the company grows and that person gets promoted to manage a team. They are a great individual contributor, so you’d assume their skills would automatically translate to managing others.

Well… it doesn’t always work out the way you’d think.

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diverse group of happy co-workers at a startup company with a thriving organizational culture

How to Create a Thriving Organizational Culture for Your Startup Company

A thriving organizational culture can be an important catalyst that helps propel a startup company towards sustained growth and success. Your company’s culture is a blend of shared values, beliefs, and practices. It influences how employees interact with each other and with stakeholders, shaping the essence of the organization.

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