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Virtual Career Fairs

5 Steps To Get Ready For Virtual Career Fairs

So, you are registered for a virtual career fair and you have less than 24 hours to prepare. The clock is ticking and perspiration starts to gather on your forehead and on your palms. What next? Where do you start? We have 5 key steps that will prepare you to do your best.

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Healthcare Re-enrollment Checklist

Healthcare Reenrollment Checklist for Employees

As an HR professional I encourage all employees to set aside 60 minutes a year to truly review your benefit package, examine how you used your benefits in the past year and use that information to inform your decisions for enrollment for the upcoming year.

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Are You a VC/PE Firm? We'd Like Your Input

Are you a VC/PE Firm? We'd like your input!

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Annual HR Checklist

Now is a Good Time for Your Annual HR Check-Up

A Human Resource Assessment helps business leaders identify and avoid compliance risks and uncovers opportunities to develop more efficient and effective HR policies and processes. To further help, we've put together a comprehensive HR Audit Checklist for you to use for an Annual Assessment.

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