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Succession Planning

Succession Planning - How to avoid the plot lines from HBO’s TV drama series.

I was captivated this summer while binge watching HBO’s hit series featuring the Roys, Kendall, Roman and Shiv, as they battled it out for control of the family company. As an HR professional, there were so many cringe worthy scenes as the patriarch pitted his kids against each other, and I was glued to my couch.

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Compensation Checklist

Compensation 101 - Compensation Checklist

This topic is hotter than a hotdog fresh off the 4th of July BBQ grill!

Right now, we are working with clients on a variety of compensation projects. Not surprisingly, we find that many employers have compensation structures that are out of whack due to inflation and the persistent battle for talent. Savvy job seekers have done a nice job advocating for themselves. There are also emerging pay transparency laws that have caught some employers off guard. Worse, many employers don’t even have a compensation structure.

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Company Culture

What’s culture have to do with it?

Okay, I couldn’t resist a nod to the late, great Tina Turner, as I sat down to reflect on this ambiguous and often overlooked topic.

Many years ago, a colleague of mine quoted Peter Drucker’s view of culture, “Culture eats strategy for breakfast.” Now, after working with hundreds of different companies, I appreciate culture (and Drucker’s observation on its voracity) more than ever.

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Exit interviews

Why you should be doing exit interviews.

Nobody likes doing exit interviews - you know, the meetings that happen after someone on your team turns in their two weeks’ notice.

When people leave, there are lots of emotions involved, and most of them aren’t pleasant.

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