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Exit interviews

Why you should be doing exit interviews.

Nobody likes doing exit interviews - you know, the meetings that happen after someone on your team turns in their two weeks’ notice.

When people leave, there are lots of emotions involved, and most of them aren’t pleasant.

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Stay Interviews

Engaging and retaining your employees: What is a stay interview, and why should I be doing them?

I am sure that you have heard of exit interviews. Someone puts in their two weeks’ notice and as a part of the offboarding process, HR will meet with them to understand why the person is leaving the organization. Stay interviews are when you have these conversations BEFORE someone leaves.

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4 Common Performance Management Mistakes

4 Common Performance Management Mistakes to Avoid

A common story of workplace woes: a new employee joins your team. They have the right skills and qualifications, seem like a great fit, and your team is excited to welcome them. The employee’s performance starts off strong, but over time, it starts to dwindle.

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Four critical things to do with your next executive director search

In the last four months we have been honored to work with some of the most revered nonprofit organizations in the Ann Arbor area to help them find their next leader. Here are some tips that we wanted to pass along in case you know of a nonprofit that will be looking for a new leader in 2023.

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