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Employee Handbook

Seven Dos and Don'ts Regarding Your Employee Handbook

Whether you call it an Employee Handbook, Personnel Manual, Policy Book or something else, the documentation related to employment and workplace expectations is essential to your company’s well being.

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Outsourced HR Services

Is Outsourced HR Right for Your Startup Company?

Navigating the growth of a small tech startup is both exciting and challenging. As a startup owner, you might find yourself wondering about the benefits of outsourcing your HR functions.

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Outsourcing Nonprofits Human Resources

Empowering Nonprofits: Five Benefits of Outsourcing Human Resources

In the dynamic landscape of nonprofit organizations, where every resource is dedicated to advancing the mission, the importance of quality human resources management cannot be overstated.

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Maximizing your interview process

5 Steps to a Successful Interview: A Hiring Manager's Perspective

Welcome to 2024! January is the most active month for adding new team members, and we are already seeing an increase in job posting activity after the holidays. As you gear up for the interview season, here are some tips to help you maximize your interview process.

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