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Michigan Women ‘Struggling’ As They Leave Workforce. So Are Their Employers

Before the pandemic, women who resigned from their jobs at Development Centers, a Detroit non-profit, usually did so for a new job that advanced their careers. But since COVID-19 hit, they’ve left the workforce altogether to manage child care or family issues.

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Talent Labor And Supply Trends

Talent Labor And Supply Trends For February

Wow - what a roller coaster the labor market has been lately, and we have had a front-row seat. We recently launched our 800th talent search and I wanted to take a few minutes to share what we have been seeing, so that you can take advantage of areas with a strong talent supply, and plan accordingly for areas that are currently seeing a shortage.

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Appointed Officials Receive High Marks On First Formal Evaluations In Jackson

Four of Jackson’s top city officials meet expectations set for their work, according to the first formal performance evaluations done since 2015.

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