Next Steps to Take After Ann Arbor Tech Trek

What a great Tech Trek event! 

Our team at Amy Cell Talent was staked out at the Talent Terrace last week for another great Tech Trek. For those who attended, we hope you enjoyed the energy and connected with a lot of leads. Now what? After a networking event, there are a lot of follow-up items to take care of.

Employer Next Steps:

We were so excited to see the great job opportunities that our region has to offer. Amy Cell Talent lives to support our local businesses' growth! Perhaps after the event, you don't have time to screen resumes, source candidates, or you need our expert advice on HR solutions. 

We are here to help. Employers can set up a 15 minute power chat with Michelle Galbraith, our VP of People and Business Development. Simply click the power chat button below and pick a time that best suits you.  


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Job Seeker Next Steps:

Amy Cell Talent has been involved with Tech Trek for many years now, and we know it can be daunting to kick off and sustain a job search. Now that you've been to the Trek, you may have your eye on a few jobs, but don't know what to do next. 

We can help steer you in the right direction. Take advantage of our expert advice for job seekers by scheduling a 15 minute quick chat ($25 fee) with our talent coaches. Our one-on-one chats are designed to get you started on a path to search success. Sign up for your quick chat here.

Here are some additional steps we recommend:

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