Painting Performance - We All See A Different Angle

It’s that time of year again; performance evaluation season! As a supervisor, you may think to yourself that you wish you could give more valuable feedback. Perhaps you feel you only see a part of the picture when reflecting on and evaluating your employees’ talents. You are at your desk, staring at the performance evaluation form thinking, “I know Sandra’s a good worker based on our meetings and her deliverables, but I wish I could get input from her teammates since they work with her daily on various assignments. How can I incorporate their experiences to help Sandra continuously improve in her role?” 

Utilizing multi-source feedback is one of the best methods to create a holistic,and comprehensive view of employee performance. With 360-degree performance appraisals, the feedback typically comes from all of the levels that surround the employee, such as supervisors, project managers, colleagues, clients, customers, and subordinates. While often used for employees in management positions due to the complexity of their relationships, it can also be a powerful and helpful tool for employees at all levels. Not only can 360- performance appraisals help employees to be more receptive to their strengths and opportunities for improvement, but it can also improve the organizational culture to be more communicative and open to mindsharing. After collecting the feedback, the employee would typically meet with their supervisor to review and discuss this information while the sources of any comments and individual ratings remain confidential and anonymous.

It is also helpful to include self-evaluations during the 360-degree performance appraisal process because it improves employee buy-in and satisfaction. Discussing the average ratings of others vs those from the self-evaluation can also be a great conversation starter when discussing goal-setting and opportunities for continuous improvement.

 "The primary purpose of performance management is to align the behavior and development of employees with the strategic goals of the organization." - Deborah Ford, PhD. & Steven Hunt, PhD., SIOP White Paper Series: A Critical Evaluation of Performance Management Trends

Our team at Amy Cell Talent works with your leaders and staff to understand your organization's employee development goals. We partner with your team to provide a customized 360-performance evaluation program that can include the following:

  • Questions for the 360-degree performance evaluation, designed specifically for positions within your organization based on job descriptions, key performance indicators, and organizational goals.
  • A rating scale for comparable results that will effectively capture the differing levels of performance.
  • A 360-degree feedback tool, generated by Primalogik, to host all questions and ratings for you and your team to utilize for the feedback process.
  • A written report of synthesized feedback and an analysis, summarizing the strengths and areas of development as well as specific suggestions for employee development.
  • A presentation reviewing the findings of the draft reports with the personnel committee and/or executive committee.

Organizations are strengthened with a more communicative culture and employees become more empowered with a holistic view of themselves, their talents, and their opportunities to grow. 

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