June Talent Trends - Competition & Signs Of Hope

Retain your workforce
Retain your workforce


The talent roller coaster continues to be a wild ride. Here are our latest observations and suggestions from the talent trenches.

Extremely challenging hold on until September

There is extreme competition for entry level talent, and for many occupations in the sub-$60K range. This is due to extreme demand, people returning to school/exiting certain public facing essential worker occupations after burning out during COVID, unemployment benefits, lack of childcare, fear of COVID and a desire to enjoy the summer. We expect that the situation will change significantly in a positive direction for employers in September when enhanced unemployment benefits run out, and in person education returns.

Signs of hope

We have started getting some reports that people were starting to apply to production jobs, after many employers reporting no applicants. This could be due to the recent change at the state level of enforcing “work search requirements” for people that are receiving unemployment.  

How to compete

If you need talent, be sure to aggressively go after people, don’t just “post and pray.” Use a referral program, hiring bonuses, go through job posting databases, and use social media to drive interest and excitement.

Retain your workforce

Be sure that you are keeping your workforce happy and engaged. When the job market is good for talent, employees are more likely to test the waters to see what is out there. Make sure that you are retaining your talent by providing training and development, have a strong employee engagement and appreciation program in place, have managers that are well versed in key management skills like delegating, conflict management and employee development, and that you are compensating employees at an appropriate level.

During the month of July we will be offering an employee engagement checkup. To learn more, contact me at Amy@AmyCellTalent.com or 734-657-0370.

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