Benefits - It is a lot more than just health insurance!

Employee Benefits
Employee Benefits

There is an expression that says, “People will join an organization for the salary, but will stay for the benefits.” 

But what exactly is included in “benefits"?

We think about the term broadly, and include the following items in a long list of monetary and non-monetary perks that connect and engage your team.

  • Insurance
  • Retirement savings
  • Flexibility
  • Non-wage monetary rewards
  • Education and training
  • Physical and mental health and wellness programs

The level and mix of benefits that you provide should be aligned with the specific goals of the organization and needs of their employees.

For instance - Are you trying to grow and develop highly specialized talent in a flat organization structure? Or, are you in a highly competitive talent market and are seeking cutting edge, progressive benefits that are aligned with your values? Or, do you have a workforce that values flexibility and work life balance above all else? 

Benefit strategy should not be a one size fits all approach.

Thus, with a dizzying array of options to choose from - and for employers trying to manage costs while also attracting and retaining talent - should those marginal talent dollars go toward a new foosball table or pet insurance?

To help sort through all of the options, we want to help provide you with data. 

As such, we are launching a thorough benefits survey, and we will provide a summary of the data to everyone that participates.

We invite you to participate - please click here.

Our findings will be shared with you.

Want to dive deeper?

Here is a free resources we can provide for you:

  • Benefits white paper

Want to get your benefit house in order?

Here are some ways that we can help:

High level benefit review during a one-hour conversation to talk about different benefit options to consider to help you meet your goals. - $250

Book an appointment to discuss your HR or recruiting needs, or feel free to reach out at (734) 747-2936 to schedule a conversation about building better teams for your organization!

Stay tuned! 

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