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diverse group of happy co-workers at a startup company with a thriving organizational culture

How to Create a Thriving Organizational Culture for Your Startup Company

A thriving organizational culture can be an important catalyst that helps propel a startup company towards sustained growth and success. Your company’s culture is a blend of shared values, beliefs, and practices. It influences how employees interact with each other and with stakeholders, shaping the essence of the organization.

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coworkers high-fiving each other | employer brand helps find more ideal job candidates

Use Your Employer Brand to Find More Ideal Job Candidates

Today’s job seekers are looking for more than good pay and work-life balance. If you want to attract, hire, and retain top candidates, your company should have a strong employer brand reputation as well.

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Performance Management

4 Pillars of Performance Management

After working with dozens of small business owners who struggle with employee performance management, I’ve noticed a few trends emerge again and again. Here are the four critical areas to have in place for optimal team performance.

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Find the Right Person When You Need to Hire Fast

How to Find the Right Person When You Need to Hire Fast

I’m a big fan of the principle, Hire Slow, Fire Fast, and use it all the time with my clients. At the same time, sometimes you don’t have the luxury of hiring slowly. And by slowly, I mean waiting until you have dozens of candidates to choose from, and you put people through a sixteen step process that takes weeks or months to complete.

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