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Why HR Services Is Critical to Stable Startup Growth

The early days of a tech startup are filled with excitement, energy, and passion. You have a core team of founders who don’t mind working 20-hour days, because you’re driven by a common owned vision.

With a bit of luck and a tremendous amount of hard work, your idea becomes a company. Your product is viable and you begin to make sales. Now it’s time to start scaling the business, and you hire additional people to help your company grow. You’re transitioning to the second stage of your startup.

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Employee Engagement: Team building during the holiday season

The holidays are upon us. Just go into any store and the twinkling lights and candy canes will leave no doubt about it. Whether you celebrate Kwanzaa, Hanukkah, Winter Solstice, Festivus, Boxing Day, Christmas, or none of the above, the anticipation of the coming year brings with it a variety of traditions and opportunities, as well as seasonal stressors.

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Leadership 101 - Supporting your people managers on their leadership journey

So, someone in your company is fabulous at their craft - be it software development, assembly work, marketing, accounting - then, the company grows and that person gets promoted to manage a team. They are a great individual contributor, so you’d assume their skills would automatically translate to managing others.

Well… it doesn’t always work out the way you’d think.

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Benefits - It is a lot more than just health insurance!

There is an expression that says, “People will join an organization for the salary, but will stay for the benefits.”

But what exactly is included in “benefits”?

The level and mix of benefits that you provide should be aligned with the specific goals of the organization and needs of their employees.

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