Executive Recruiting

Executive Recruiting
Executive Recruiting

What makes us unique is our connectivity to talent and our passion for promoting communities.

We work closely with community stakeholders at the beginning of the search process to understand the goals, skills, experiences, and behaviors that are critical and “ideal” for the position.

Step 1: Learn

We really get to know your community through research and dozens of stakeholder interviews with elected officials, board members, staff, clients, and/or community members.

Step 2: Align

We create a "talent rubric" of the key qualities and experiences to clearly define success.

Step 3: Market

We post the position on hundreds of targeted job boards and use social media and targeted outreach to generate a great pool of applicants.

Step 4: Select

We winnow down the pool through surveys, interviews, video interviews, background checks, and reference checks.

Step 5: Partner

We work with the community to coordinate onsite interviews, reception, assessment, and negotiation. Can be done "live," or via an electronic platform, such as Zoom.

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