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Royalty Accountant - Wayne State University - Detroit, MI

Are you looking for an opportunity to work in technology commercialization in a startup environment? Check out this rare opportunity!

About Wayne State Technology Commercialization:

Wayne State Technology Commercialization (TC) is responsible for the identification, protection, marketing and licensing of intellectual property (e.g., patents, unique biological or other materials, and certain copyrights) developed by WSU faculty, staff and students. The TC Office promotes an entrepreneurial culture and supports start-up ventures and regional economic development. TC also negotiates Material Transfer Agreements and Confidentiality Agreements and reviews the Intellectual Property terms of Sponsored Research Agreements.

TC manages all aspects of the technology transfer process including the encouragement, assessment, intellectual property protection and licensing of inventions; the post-licensing oversight of agreement compliance; distribution of royalties and fees; and record keeping for all aspects of WSU intellectual property technology transfer. In addition, TC is engaged in entrepreneurship training and local economic development and interfaces with Tech Town, the WSU incubator, supporting startup companies founded on WSU technologies.

The goal of WSU Technology Commercialization is to provide high level, quality assistance and services to WSU researchers and our industry partners, to maximize the availability of next generation technologies that will benefit society worldwide.

About the Opportunity

This is a key role that manages the related compliance and financial activities of significant value to the University Community. Key responsibilities include:

  • Generates invoicing and demonstrates timely recovery of technology expenses and the distribution of revenues to co-owners, Wayne State University colleagues and departments, as well as inventors.
  • Sources and obtains information needed for royalty distribution agreements with regard to financial and equity monitoring on a regular, monthly basis.
  • Reviews, audits and manages Technology Commercialization licenses for performance.
  • Proactively coordinates with Technology Commercialization Leadership and team to ensure ongoing financial compliance.
  • Verifies adherence to financial and non-financial compliance requirements for technology transfer business operations utilizing in-house databases and working with cross-functional university teams.
  • Prepares and submits reports related to licensing agreement status, progress, and metrics.
  • Monitors financial and equity agreement terms of Technology Commercialization.

About You

  • Significant experience working with intellectual property and technology transfer agreements, including accounting or financial work experience.
  • Experience reviewing legal agreement terms, equity terms and/or license agreements.
  • Knowledge of financial and accounting transactions and finance related concepts.
  • Knowledge of record keeping practices and ability to maintain records in intellectual property and agreements database/s.
  • Ability to monitor and manage financial compliance of licensees.
  • Experience with Minuet, Inteum, Wellspring, Sophia or similar databases.

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Posting Number: 046282

Position Title: Royalty Accountant

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  • Company: Wayne State University
  • Post Date:April 8, 2022
  • Category:
  • Industry:
  • Position Type: Full-Time
  • Experience: Executive Level
  • Location: 42 W Warren Ave
    Detroit, MI 48202
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