Career Coaching Services

Career Coaching Services
Career Coaching Services

Our flexible coaching services fit well for those who are relocating, changing professions, re-entering the workforce, graduating, or looking to move up or move on.

We can help:

  • Develop a strategy to identify industries, job titles, and employers
  • Identify your skill sets in order to share your personal brand story
  • Update your resume
  • Conduct mock interviews
  • Assist with your approach to cover letters and thank you letters
  • Research potential career opportunities
  • Boost your confidence

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Meet Michelle Galbraith, our Career Coaching Services Lead fPIEDOhKV4Hed93lnXSn1szXdERaL8rlAHuDO8sZcjBFFz0qxRJWUtn-h7MMysN9uWzojRuxSG5zmbjqW_H9cFV4GVbqeA8INWf5rUFy4OyCjotTXjPFfg4yWjtWctvuA2bVFmyS=s0

"I left the session with Michelle with high confidence that I will find a job soon. I always found it difficult talking about my career achievements. With only 1 hr work with Michelle, I realized that I have many success stories to share with employers. She uses a specific technique to help candidates stay positive and focused on their career goals." - Maya B.

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