Career Coaching Services

Career Coaching Services
Career Coaching Services

Customized services to meet your job search needs.

Our flexible coaching services fit well for those who are relocating, changing professions, re-entering the workforce, graduating, or looking to move up or move on.

We can help you to:

  • Develop a strategy to identify industries, job titles, and employers
  • Identify your skill sets in order to share your personal brand story
  • Update your resume
  • Conduct mock interviews
  • Assist with your approach to cover letters and thank you letters
  • Research potential career opportunities
  • Boost your confidence

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Meet Michelle Galbraith, our Career Coaching Services Lead fPIEDOhKV4Hed93lnXSn1szXdERaL8rlAHuDO8sZcjBFFz0qxRJWUtn-h7MMysN9uWzojRuxSG5zmbjqW_H9cFV4GVbqeA8INWf5rUFy4OyCjotTXjPFfg4yWjtWctvuA2bVFmyS=s0

"I left the session with Michelle with high confidence that I will find a job soon. I always found it difficult talking about my career achievements. With only 1 hr work with Michelle, I realized that I have many success stories to share with employers. She uses a specific technique to help candidates stay positive and focused on their career goals." - Maya B.

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