Human Resources shouldn’t be an afterthought

As your organization grows, so does the importance of your HR management. Your people can make or break your organization.

Don’t let Human Resources issues be the reason you don’t succeed.

Flexible packages to serve your HR gaps and budget

Guidance through tricky people issues

Access to 150 years of HR expertise

Outsource your HR and focus on what you do best

Save Money

Get the resources and expertise of a full HR department without hiring full-time employees.

Save Time

Get the resources and expertise of a full HR department without hiring full-time employees.

Be Prepared

Guidance and support through transitions, personnel issues, and strategic decisions.

What services come with fractional HR?

Amy Cell Talent offers a comprehensive suite of outsourced HR solutions that we tailor to meet your company’s specific people needs.

  • Administrative Services — Fundamental activities for running your people operations, such as payroll processing, benefits administration, and handling HR-related compliance.
  • Recruitment and Onboarding — Strategy and activities related to the recruitment process, from posting job ads to managing interviews and onboarding new hires.
  • Employee Relations and Support — Managing day-to-day employee relations, resolving conflicts, and providing support for various employee issues.
  • Training and Development — Creating and implementing training programs, which are vital for employee development and maintaining a high-performing workforce.

Strategic HR Planning — High-level Human Resources strategy, including succession planning, performance management systems, and aligning HR strategies with overall business goals.

Stop pushing off HR projects.

At Amy Cell Talent, we know that you want your organization to grow and your people to thrive. In order to do that, you need effective, efficient, and strategic human resources management.

The problem is that Human Resources activities take time and money away from your core responsibilities. Hiring full-time HR people is expensive, and is often not what you need. Or, your HR generalist might not have time or expertise in all of the strategic facets of HR. PEOs and payroll services may lighten the workload, but when personnel issues arise, they can’t help you.

We believe that Human Resources can be a powerful tool to facilitate growth and create value for the organization.

We understand the unique HR needs of startups, non-profits, municipalities, and small-mid sized businesses, which is why we offer high-quality, yet affordable Human Resources services.

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What to expect from Amy Cell Talent HR services

1. Talk With An Advisor

After analyzing your organization's goals and limitations, your advisor will help determine how we can help you.

2. Customize your HR plan

Begin your HR project under the guidance of our team.

3. Partner with us and grow

Our team will address your HR issues and help build your team.

Benefits of fractional HR services

Deep bench of Human Resources expertise

Amy Cell Talent has a deep bench of HR professionals with decades of experience. Our team-based approach ensures that you have greater operational stability and a wider range of expertise in areas like compensation structures, performance management, and current compliance laws.

Business continuity

Our team-based approach ensures that your company is protected from unexpected disruptions such as extended sick leaves or sudden turnover. Instead, you always have a knowledgeable HR professional to maintain your employee programs without any gaps in services.

Cost-Effectiveness and Resource Optimization

Amy Cell Talent’s HR services are priced to be affordable for startups and large enterprise companies alike. Our proven process enables you to get the highest value at a cost-effective rate.

Legal Compliance and Risk Reduction

With continually evolving laws and compliance regulations, it isn’t easy to stay up to date on Human Resources requirements. Our outsourced HR services help ensure you stay fully compliant, keeping your legal risks low.

Strategic Recruitment and Improved Retention

Amy Cell Talent excels at efficient recruitment, on-target hiring, and improved employee retention. Hire and retain workers confidently while your team focuses on the operational work you do best!

Strategic HR Planning for Business Growth

Fractional HR isn’t just about managing day-to-day tasks — it also involves strategic planning, so that your human resources strategies are aligned with your overall business goals.

Talk With An Advisor

What does it cost to work with Amy Cell Talent?

Our pricing structure is based on your needs. We have a package starting at $995 per month that includes:

  • Kickoff and monthly meetings with your HR Strategist
  • Access to our extensive HR Resource Library
  • Specific focus area each month that strategically and proactively addresses critical HR areas
  • 10 hours of HR support towards whatever you need - employee conflict, performance management, compensation, etc.

Alternatively, we can work on a time/expense basis at a rate of $125 per hour.

Schedule your meeting with an Amy Cell Talent advisor to get started

Talk With An Advisor

Amy Cell Talent is award-winning and invested in your success.

Schedule your meeting with an Amy Cell Talent advisor to get started

Talk With An Advisor