Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI)

DEI Resources
DEI Resources

Workshops and Support for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

“My biggest fear is that someone is feeling uncomfortable or discriminated against and I lack the tools to understand what they are going through, or worse, I don't see it at all. Your workshop did a great job helping me understand what I can do if I see something... Ultimately, I feel empowered to do/say something.”

- 2021 Workshop Participant

Build A Culture of Inclusion

We want to support organizations that want to help create a culture of inclusion, and/or want to help support economic equity for underserved communities. Our certified team members will coordinate and deliver engaging workshops, review and enhance policies, and further your DEI goals with positive, action-oriented plans.

We offer four, 1.5 hour workshops, and we will work with you to create a program that best fits your organization’s needs.

  • Workshops are designed to encourage a high level of engagement through exercises and discussions.
  • Workshops may be bundled together or delivered as stand-alone workshops.

Workshop 1 - The Fundamentals of DEI

In this workshop, we will define key terms, and discuss the business case for a Diversity Equity and Inclusion focus within organizations. We will deep dive into the concept of social identities. We will provide tools to help participants widen their lens and look beyond the surface level before presuming intimate knowledge of any one person.

Workshop 2 - Recognizing Implicit and Unconscious Bias

In this module, we talk about implicit bias as a barrier to inclusion. We discuss the most prevalent types of biases in the workplace, how they affect the workplace culture and sometimes carry over into our personal lives.

Workshop 3 - Microaggression and Inclusion through Communication

In this workshop, we cover two modules, Microaggression, and Inclusive Communication. The Inclusive communication module focuses on the AmyCell Talent proprietary TALK communication framework, people-first language, and personal pronouns. In the Microaggression module, we discuss how microaggressions impact individuals, workplaces, and social settings. We also explore the concept of intent vs. impact.

Workshop 4 - Bystander Intervention and Allyship

This workshop provides participants with intervention tools and strategies that would help them to appropriately intervene when they witness inappropriate behavior in the workplace. This workshop empowers participants to do something when they see something.

In addition to workshops, we also:

  • Conduct DEI employee engagement surveys: Deploy surveys, analyze, and report out
  • Audit DEI on the employer's web presence, talent recruitment, and interview process
  • Customize programming based on DEI employer analysis

To get the conversation started, contact Info@AmyCellTalent.com.

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