Consultant / Advisor Database

Consultant / Advisor Database
Consultant / Advisor Database

Startup Talent Network (STN)

The Startup Talent Network (STN) is a database of consultants, advisors and part-time employees that provide critical skills to startups - which need various experts as they go through the launch process. This list and the associated LinkedIn profiles are shared with select technology transfer offices, accelerators, incubators, employers and others. This pool of amazing talent helps organizations access this community to support their efforts to form and launch viable technology companies.

Startup Talent Network participants provide support for startups in the form of:

  • Volunteers for business plan competitions, speakers, workshops
  • Consultants
  • Mentors
  • Strategic advisors
  • Co-founders
  • Operating investors (Active angels)
  • Board Members

If you are an entrepreneurial organization that would like access to the database, please contact Amy Cell at for fees and options.

To join the database, the first step is to complete the following survey: Mentor/Advisor Survey

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