360 Degree Feedback Service

360 Degree Feedback Service
360 Degree Feedback Service

360 Degree Feedback

What is it?

A 360 degree feedback report provides a recipient with key insights collected anonymously from peers, subordinates, clients, internal stakeholders, a board of directors, or others. This exercise provides timely and confidential feedback designed to help the recipient develop and increase their individual performance.

Why now?

We feel that 360 feedback is the best way to help develop yourself or another key team member. However, people are often too busy with other priorities to complete the 5-10 minute surveys that feed the report. Given that your colleagues may now have extra time, it's a great opportunity to develop yourself or your associates so that when we get to our "new normal" everyone will be able to hit the ground running - faster than ever before.


We have a great online tool that will take participants minutes to complete. We will listen to you and learn about your organization and its performance goals, and will subsequently design a customized survey based on your goals. We send the survey out to up to three different groups, and up to 20 people in total. The recipient will receive a detailed report summarizing feedback on past performance and recommendations for development and goals. We will also provide a debrief call to review the report and to put together actionable next steps.

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