Amy Cell Talent Client Reviews

“We received excellent candidates and were quickly able to fill the position.”

“Work amazingly quickly and effectively...”

Amy and her team work amazingly quickly and effectively with little need for direction. We gave them a skeleton of a job posting, and within a week had a polished posting and tons of applicants. They've been a pleasure to deal with!

“ACT isn't just a service - it's a partnership...”

I've known Amy for what feels like forever - since her days as Talent maven at SPARK and then MEDC - so it was an easy decision to turn to Amy Cell Talent when we were looking for help expanding our Dev Team's bandwidth; what I was unprepared for, however, was how the expertise, dedication and ingenuity that I've come to take for granted from Amy herself percolates throughout the organization - I was blown away with every interaction at every level! ACT isn't just a service - it's a partnership; Lucy went over and above to provide advice, best practices, and all kinds of useful materials during our engagement. I can't say enough about what a fantastic experience it's been; in fact, I think I just convinced myself to sign up for another engagement with them right now!

“Your suggestions and input have been invaluable to me.”

I truly appreciate all of your help. I have been going through my notes today and your suggestions and input have been invaluable to me. Your input language on my assertiveness answer, for example, shows that you understand me well and help me see the gaps in my communication that I can not see for myself.

“We had an amazing experience hiring interns for the summer.”

This team is phenomenal, and really have their fingers on the pulse of talent in this region. We had an amazing experience hiring interns for the summer. We had intended to hire only one, but with very little effort on our part, they were able to provide us an extensive list of pre-qualified candidates who were interested in our position. The candidates were so good, we ended up hiring three (and wished we could hire more)! I don't see how we could have done this without their help - it would have taken much more time, and the results would have been nowhere near as good. Can't wait to work with them more in the future!

“I highly recommend giving Amy and her team a try for your sourcing needs!”

I recently used Amy Cell Talent for a VP of Sales level search and had a great experience. Amy is well connected in the Detroit market and beyond. The group is easy to work with and offers a professional service at a very affordable price. She and her team did a great job of sourcing talent for our opening. The pool of interested candidates fit our criteria and scope nicely. We successfully hired our new leader with Amy’s help! I highly recommend giving Amy and her team a try for your sourcing needs!

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