Amy Cell Talent Client Reviews

“Easy to work with! Great support!”

“Efficient and Effective.”

“I had a challenging position to fill and your team did a fabulous job of sorting through applicants.”

The system you provide also made it very easy for me to communicate and review candidates without having to do any filing or documenting on my end. The experience was great.

“Provided very good quality of candidates.”

“Amy Cell and her team were able to work quickly to source an incredible number of quality candidates.”

She listened to feedback throughout the process and help us refine our own search expectations. We were extremely satisfied throughout our time working together.

“ACT isn't just a service - it's a partnership...”

I've known Amy for what feels like forever - since her days as Talent maven at SPARK and then MEDC - so it was an easy decision to turn to Amy Cell Talent when we were looking for help expanding our Dev Team's bandwidth; what I was unprepared for, however, was how the expertise, dedication and ingenuity that I've come to take for granted from Amy herself percolates throughout the organization - I was blown away with every interaction at every level! ACT isn't just a service - it's a partnership; Lucy went over and above to provide advice, best practices, and all kinds of useful materials during our engagement. I can't say enough about what a fantastic experience it's been; in fact, I think I just convinced myself to sign up for another engagement with them right now!