Amy Cell Talent Client Reviews

“Exceptional service and value.”

I can't speak highly enough of the quality of your work (and that of all the Amy Cell team), we are so grateful for this partnership.

“Amazing work resulting into desired outcome.”

“Excellent results!”

We were in search of a CEO for Interplay Bio, LLC and Amy's team found what we were looking for.

“Matthew DeMoville was a great partner through every step of the hiring process.”

He was very proactive and responsive. Matthew kept up on all of the 300+ resumes and the numerous video interviews. Our firm selected four candidates to interview in person, with Matthew's help, and all four were excellent candidates making our decision a difficult one, which is a good problem to have. Thank you, Amy Cell Talent for excellent service!

“The timeliness to respond, screen candidates is amazing.”

The timeliness to respond, screen candidates is amazing, I love the applicant tracking tool which is very user friendly. My partner Dave is wonderful. He is very personable, quick turnaround to questions or requests to make changes, we are always on the same page with the candidate selection. Just a wonderful overall organization to have as a recruiting partner.

“Your suggestions and input have been invaluable to me.”

I truly appreciate all of your help. I have been going through my notes today and your suggestions and input have been invaluable to me. Your input language on my assertiveness answer, for example, shows that you understand me well and help me see the gaps in my communication that I can not see for myself.