Meet The Amy Cell Talent Team
Amy Cell - President & CEO
Amy Cell | President & CEO

Human resource and talent consultant.

She’s an entrepreneur, connector, business leader, and ‘carpe diem’ enthusiast.

Passionate about people, mentoring, workforce development, community service, and talent attraction.

Former Big 3, CPA evolved into HR after discovering that she likes people more than numbers.

Triple-Header Wolverine: BBA, MBA, and U-Michigan faculty.

Can’t live without tailgates, pilates, audiobooks, her husband and chef, Bill, her children, and charger cords.


Amy launched her firm in March of 2015 to provide high-quality, yet affordable people services, specializing in talent and human resources consulting.

She honed her approach based on experiences in talent attraction, retention, and development work at Ann Arbor SPARK and the Michigan Economic Development Corporation (MEDC).

As Senior Vice-President of Talent Enhancement at the MEDC, she oversaw a wide range of talent initiatives, including the redevelopment of the State of Michigan job portal.

Today, she leads a diverse team of experienced, passionate, and innovative HR and talent consultants.

Pronouns I use: she, her, hers

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